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Thank you for visiting Siontech.

Clean and Healthy Water with Siontech

Siontech Co., Ltd. deals with materials, parts, and systems for water purification, sterilization, and disinfection. Since its establishment in 2000, Siontech has mastered following technologies to become a strong company to make water cleaner and healthier.

Capacitive deionization
― water reuse, pure water, water purifier/softener Electrolyzed sterilizing water
― sterilization in large scale, household hygiene Water purifying materials
― wastewater/drinking water purification

Siontech is cooperating with various Korean and international partners to achieve clean and healthy water and to become one of world’s leaders of water technology.

Thank you for visiting Siontech. I and all members of Siontech would endeavor to become your most trustworthy partner in water industry.

CEO Dr. Kang, Kyung Seok 강경석
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