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Hypoclean® for Self-Disinfection

Best and safest choice against COVID-19 for schools, restaurants, hotels, gyms, stores, hospitals, and any public places.
Certified as a safe disinfectant by the Ministry of Environment, Korea (GB20-21-0145)
Certified as a safe disinfectant by the Environment Protection Agency, USA (92405-KOR-001)


Hypoclean® Portable (HCH-10-B)
  • Bottle size 1-1.5 L
  • HOCl concentration 10-200 ppm
  • Electrolytes 소금, 첨가제
  • Voltage 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions L150 X W210 X H360 ㎜
  • Weight 0.6 kg
How to use Hypoclean® Portable
  • 1 Immerse any wipes in HOCl water and clean surfaces
  • 2 Pour into any sprayer and spray onto surfaces
Hypoclean® Water
  • Bottle size 0.5, 4, 20 L
  • HOCl concentration max 100 ppm
Hypoclean® Mini-Fogger
  • Type cordless sprayer
  • Bottle size 1.8 L
  • Spraying capacity 30-100 ㎖/min
  • Spraying distance 3 m
How to use Hypoclean® Mini-Fogger
Hypoclean® Station 240
  • Programmed-volume 4 L each
  • Capacity max. 240 L/hour
  • HOCl concentration 10-200 ppm


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