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Hypoclean® for Agriculture and Livestock Industries


  • Disinfecting pathogens during crop-growing
  • Substitute of agricultural pesticides
  • Disinfecting farming tools
  • Odor eliminator – ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
  • Precautionary measures for avian and swine flu and other contagious animal diseases
  • Weaker chlorine smell than chlorine bleach (hypochlorite)
  • Can be installed and applied into a scrubber, which renders animal farms negative pressure to prevent the diffusion of odor or infectious pathogens
  • Disinfecting egg surfaces in poultry farms
  • Disinfecting butchery tools

Specifications of Hypoclean® for Agriculture and Livestock Industry

Model name, HCH240, and HCH1200.
Model name HCH240 HCH1200
Active Ingredient HOCl water, 10-80 ppm, pH 4.0-7.0
Capacity max. 240 L/h max. 1200 L/h
Dimensions W310 × D160 × H420 mm W350 × D240 × H520 mm
Electrolytes Table salt, HCl
Voltage 100-240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption 150 W 700 W
Features - - Remote controller
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