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  • Can be operated without external power
  • Inlet water to a water tank spins the waterwheel of the feeder and operates the tube pump inside the feeder, which inject chlorine disinfectant into water.
  • The amount of injection is proportional to the flow rate of inlet water.
  • The feeder maintains the concentration of free chlorine inside a water tank within 0.1-4 ㎎/L, which is effective for disinfecting well-known bacteria and viruses like E. coli.
  • Anti-corrosive parts
  • Compact design


  • Model SCL-NP/SCL-NPV
  • Capacity Max. 300-400 ton/day
  • Chemicals NaOCl 5 %, 12 %, etc.
  • Size L290 X W200 X H300 ㎜
  • Volume per Injection 0.35 ㎖
  • Procurement Item Code 23827458 Shortcut 23827462 Shortcut


Installed Sites of Chloring®

  • Disinfecting underground water or surface water
  • Disinfecting rainwater reuse facilities
  • Disinfecting agricultural water


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