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SDI™ System

Benefits for using SDI™ system

  • Tunable TDS reduction
  • High water recovery, up to 90 %
  • Automated operation and cleaning
  • Low energy consumption (0.5 kW/ton)
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Patented technology

Siontech proposes SDI™ System to

  • Underground water
  • Food and beverage
  • Industrial water recycling (cooling towers, RO concentrate)
  • Seawater desalination


SDI™ System N°4
  • Specifications and designs for the System can be adjusted as per customer requests.
In comparison with reverse osmosis (RO) systems

SDI System discharges less wastewater because of its high water recovery rate.
Cleaning process of SDI System is continuous.
SDI System discharges less wastewater from the cleaning process.
SDI System requires less robust design because the System produces lower mechanical stress.

SDI™ System for Hybrid Seawater Desalination

  • Seawater

    Approximately 40,000 PPM

  • Pretreatment

    DAF, MF, UF

  • Reverse osmosis of seawater

    Concentration reduced to approximately 500 ppm

  • SDI™ System

    Concentration reduced to approximately 150 ppm

    Low energy consumption: approximately 0.3 kWh/㎥
    High water recovery: up to 85%


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