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PET Recycling

Recycled PET Chip

· Physically treated pure PET fine chips originated from untreated PET chip waste
· A resource for manufacturing PET fiber products
· A resource for manufacturing r-BHGT/BHET

The Composition of Untreated PET Chips

  • Fine chips

    Grinding fines from PET bottle grinding process

    Washed fines from sodium hydroxide washing process

    Rinsed fines from rinsing with water

    Floor sweeps

  • Metal rejects
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rejects

PET Chip Treating Line

Featured Technology

Floating Gravity Separator
  • Proprietary technology of Siontech
  • For removing heavy impurities
    • 1 Rotating strainer nets shake surface of water containing light PET fine chips and heavy impurities.
    • 2 The strainers separate floated PET fine chips and transfer them to the next unit.
    • 3 Heavy impurities are discharged by sinking to the bottom.
  • Continuous process
Non-Ferric Metal Rejects Treatment
  • Remove non-ferric metals from PET fine chips with hybrid electrostatic separator
    • 1Hopper
    • 2Find dust removal
    • 3Hybrid electrostatic separator
    • 4Packaging
  • Fine dust removal as pretreatment for enhancing separating efficiency
  • Compact layout
  • Minimize operation cost
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