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Hypochlorite Generator

Hypochlorite generator makes hypochlorite via electrolysis of salt water on-site.

Hypochlorite generator injects a pre-programmed amount of hypochlorite solution

into the water system to maintain steady level of free chlorine concentration and to

disinfect bacteria and viruses.


  • Requires only water, salt, and electricity.

  • Cost-efficient in comparison to chlorine gas or bottled hypochlorite.

  • Compact on-site generator.

  • Requires no large storage tank or human operator.

  • Automatic operation system.


System, Free Chlorine (㎏/day), Flow Rate (L/day) (conc. 0.8 %) (0.8% base), and Salt Consumption (㎏/day).
System Free Chlorine (㎏/day) Flow Rate (L/day) (conc. 0.8 %) Salt Consumption (㎏/day)
SEL-3.0 3.0 384 10
SEL-6.0 6.0 768 20
SEL-12 12 1,536 40
SEL-24 24 3,072 80

Installed Sites of Hypochlorite Generators

Why on-site hypochlorite generator?

On-Site Generator, Liquid Chlorine, Bottled Hypochlorite (conc. 12 %)
On-Site Generator Liquid Chlorine Bottled Hypochlorite (conc. 12 %)
Safety Safe (conc. under 1 %) Toxic, pressured gas Toxic
Corrosion Low Very high High
Transportation No need (on-site) Robust Robust
Stability Stable Stable Unstable
Measuring Precise measuring Possible Impossible
Cost Efficiency Cheap Expensive (chemical resistant design) Expensive


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